About Us

Hello we are François and Natacha
From Lisbon, Portugal

Many years ago we made a tray for ourselves and we liked it so much we started making and selling them. 

We liked that the tray was a piece of furniture, laying on the sofa or nearby. It is practical, with a utility. We never had trouble finding gifts for the loved ones after that!

Duupla Lapdesk

Lap Trays with Style

Husband (the wood worker) and wife (the seamstress) decided to join forces and create stylish lap desks with cushions assorted with trendy fabrics.

We focus on the fabrics of our lap trays. We want our product to be a part of your every day life and for that to happen you need to enjoy its look. The cushioned lap tray’s practicality is undeniable but having it fit your living room is crucial. The various fabrics we offer help to make the tray a piece of furniture among your household.

We wanted the lap desks to look good with their stylish fabrics and equally we wanted to produce a practical item. Something one not only looks at with delight but also uses in the house.

Combining our skills we created the Duupla lap desks. The word Duupla, taken from “double” or in this case two person’s work, strives to make beautiful artistic lap desks on a quality standard next to none.

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