Duupla Lap Trays


To start with, we produce this handmade lap desk without computerised machines and no mass production. We also gather 35 years of experience as woodworker and seamstress so we’ve been around in our own trade and apply only the best technics to our handmade Duupla Lap Trays. But importantly, our fabrics is our strength and we apply ourselves to continuously offer the widest variety available.

More specifically, the lap desk serves a purpose as any other piece of furniture found in your home. And the variety of fabrics we offer makes certain you acquire a personal item matching your environment. In the end, you will have it a very long time, just as any other living room items.

Your Duupla lap tray will:

  • serve a purpose and be practical
  • not clutter your environment as it has a function
  • become part of your home interior

Usefulness of the Duupla Lap Tray:

Our Duupla lap trays are not only stylish and beautiful but also the pillow filling allows angles. It can set a comfortable lap position while seated. When working from home, you have the advantage of setting yourself anywhere you want. May this be outside on the deck, garden or varanda or inside, in your most comfortable couch.

Couch Lap Desk Yellow

Lap Desk from Duupla are thick for comfort.

Indeed, the cushion allows the whole lap tray to follow the curves of your lap providing a stable work surface. In fact, you can rest assured that a Duupla Lap Tray is well filled and comfortable; we probably have the thickest cushion on the market.

Equally important, we build them solid and light weight; the top is made of a single solid thick board without flimsy frames prone to break with time or when the lap desk is dropped. Not only does a Duupla Lap Tray comes with its stylish fabric design and its purpose, but also it is not fitted with prone to break features such an ineffectual handles or holes for a mug prone to spill on the keyboard.

So reading large books becomes easy as the tray helps bearing the books’ weight and eating in front of the television or fire place becomes very comfortable. And it becomes a writing tray for inspired people! Or a bed tray for lazy mornings.

SHIPPING information

  • United States: ALL shipping is with DHL. Transit time between 2 to 4 business days.
  • Most of Europe: ALL shipping with UPS.  Transit time 3 to 4 business days.
  • United Kingdom: All shipping with UPS orDHL, 5 to 15 business days at the moment due to Brexit consequences.
  • Anywhere else is with registered post in 7 to 28 business days. We have no control over the transit time.

Lap Tray measurements and weight

  • 45cm x 30cm x 12cm (17.7 inches x 11.8 inches x 4.7 inches)
  • The thickness may vary according to the fabric used and filling content
  • it weights around 1.2 kg

bed tray by duupla

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