Our environmental commitments

Recently we have made some big changes towards a more sustainable production of our lap trays.

We reduce our carbon footprint by making all of our product locally – in Lisbon where we live and work – and all metrials used for packaging is either recycled or recyclable.

Carbon Offseting

We offset our carbon footprint by planting one tree for every lap tray we sell. Also, we are offsetting the personal and professional carbon footprint of our team to create a climate friendly workplace. All our DHL and UPS deliveries are also carbon offset.

See our forest:


Our carton boxes as well as our wrapping and papers used for packaging are recycled and recyclable. Our boxes and other packagings are 100% recyclable ensuring the environmental impact is as low as possible.

Our Products and Deliveries

We use no plastics or other environmently damaging products hard or impossible to recycle. Items used to create our lap trays are recycled or recyclable. We also use glue which is water based and not solvent based.

Our UPS and DHL deliveries are carbon emission free. More can be learn by clicking on our partner’s logos.


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